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Wednesday, June 14

8:30am EDT

SP01 The Creative Problem Solving Process in One Day – Powered by Your Own Style
Experience new skills in the innovation process: Finding, defining and solving important problems and opportunities collaboratively with consensus and commitment to implement. "Simplexity Thinking" is simple, experiential and inclusive. Globally applied to tackle complex situations, Simplexity has transformed organizations into a "How might we?" culture. Several real-world application examples build understanding of how the process works. Opportunities are provided to share different experiences and ideas about own real-world problems. Learn from each other, and walk away with fresh insights to apply immediately. "Powered by your own style" means discovering your own Creative Problem Solving profile to help you and your team become better problem solvers. Personal insights enable customizing the process to make it more effective. Immersed in a safe learning environment, you will receive expert coaching to deepen the experience and maximize the impact. You will experience a facilitated Creative Problem Solving process with interconnected skills and tools. You will learn:
• Individual and group innovation skills at a concrete, person-to-person level.
• How to work in teams in a more inclusive, faster and innovative way.
• The art and science of Creative Problem Solving.
• Your own unique problem solving style and how to effectively work with other styles.
• How to better understand, define and uniquely solve your own real work problems.
• How to better implement innovative solutions.

avatar for Min Basadur

Min Basadur

Ontario, Canada, Basadur Applied Creativity
Experiencing CPSI in 1971, Min Basadur became a lifelong friend and colleague of Sid Parnes, developing Sid’s research and teachings into real-world application. At Procter & Gamble, Basadur created a corporate-wide applied creativity consulting practice that continues to thrive... Read More →
avatar for Richard Perez

Richard Perez

Ohio, United States, Procter & Gamble
Richard Perez is an accomplished product innovator with a 25-year career at Procter & Gamble. He’s led cross-functional teams in new product development, engineering, marketing, and launch in North America, Latin America and China. Perez currently leads Procter & Gamble’s internal... Read More →
avatar for Shannon Wagers

Shannon Wagers

Innovation Guide and Creativity Coach, Procter and Gamble
Shannon Wagers is a consumer products professional with decades of experience in creating winning products, including Tide, Olay, Old Spice, and Gillette. He is a graduate of Miami University (OH) with a bachelor’s in chemistry. He was awarded his first patent in 2005, and has several... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 8:30am - 5:00pm EDT
Fargo Entertainment Lounge 261

8:30am EDT

SP03 What's Your Shoe Size: Promoting Empathy in All Participants
Empathy is the foundation of what we do. Whether we are conducting workshops with facilitators, teachers, consultants or others, we assume that our participants understand how to empathize in order for the groups to effectively design, problem solve, play, interact and build "what ifs." Yet, are we assuming too much? Are our expectations too high? Are we, as workshop presenters, taking the notion of empathy too lightly by assuming it is an universal experience? You will:
• Discover how we, as facilitators, consultants and educators might ensure that our colleagues, clients and students truly embody an empathetic position and mindset leading to greater awareness, compassion, understanding, equity and socially-conscious action.
• Use visual arts, movement, music, poetry and drama strategies and activities to learn how engage, empower and energize any group toward a dynamic, full-body exploration of an empathetic mindset.
• Gain a toolkit of activities you can use as brief, progressive lead-ins or more-prolonged backdrops to your own work to ensure that empathy is not only understood but experienced within the bodies and minds of your participants.

avatar for Christine Boyko-Head

Christine Boyko-Head

Ontario, Canada, Mohawk College
Christine Boyko-Head is an interdisciplinary educator, writer and advocate for arts-integration and creativity in higher education. While getting her doctorate at McMaster University in English Literature, she used her driver-thinking preference to co-found Parnassus Theatre, a company... Read More →
avatar for Glenys McQueen-Fuentes

Glenys McQueen-Fuentes

Ontario, Canada, DramaSound Projects
Glenys McQueen-Fuentes is a movement-based consultant, leadership trainer, educator, theater and visual performance director/developer/polisher. She was a founding member of Theatre Action, Auckland, New Zealand, followed by a decade in Mexico City, with el Centro Universitario de... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 8:30am - 5:00pm EDT
Greiner LG3

8:30am EDT

SP05 Master the Inside Moves of CPS Facilitaiton
Do you want to make your facilitation sessions smooth and seamless? Do you occasionally miss the transitions in the process? Are you stressed before your facilitation sessions, anxious as you work through it and exhausted at the end? Do you want to move confidently through the Creative Problem Solving process so you can consistently produce breakthroughs for your clients, become more at ease in your facilitation sessions, or just up your facilitation game? In this highly interactive session, you will experience, practice and explore the inside moves that make the CPS process flow smoothly and with efficiency. Whether you are a beginning or advanced facilitator, you will:
• Learn how to improve your skills in facilitating the CPS process.
• Apply these skills to your own facilitation challenges and issues that you bring to the session.
• Experience how to smoothly and confidently transition from one stage to the next in the CPS process.
• Learn how to talk less and accomplish more in your session.
• Apply several tried-and-true, all-purpose CPS techniques that work 98% of the time.

avatar for Roger Firestien

Roger Firestien

New York, United States, ICSC SUNY Buffalo State
Roger Firestien is the senior faculty member at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State. Firestien is one of the most-experienced, skilled and knowledgeable facilitators of the Creative Problem Solving process. He has been called the gold standard... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 8:30am - 5:00pm EDT
Greiner LG2

8:30am EDT

SP10 Strategic Problem Solving: A Kinetic Experience in Physical Listening
Discover strategies for entering kinetic dialogue with others, which focus on our untapped capacity for observing, attending and responding to the environment and other moving bodies via tactile, visual and auditory investigation. We begin with exploring attending, observing and strategic decision-making via processes used by groups ranging from performers to the Naval War College. This approach nudges aside assumptions, accesses unexpected choices, and asks us to consider our accountability for making choices. We explore the politics of choice-making as creative individuals. You will:
• Engage in a process of personal discovery about creativity, communication and decision making.
• Gain new skill sets and strategies that will enhance your creativity.
• Engage in evocative dialogue and reflection to apply the concepts and learning experienced in this workshop.
Movers of all ages and abilities are welcome. This workshop is led by one of the CPSI 2017 Spotlight presenters.

avatar for Ellie Van Bever

Ellie Van Bever

New York, United States, The Equus Projects
Ellie van Bever graduated from American University with a degree in Political Science in 2013. Upon graduation she joined Christopher K. Morgan and Artists in Washington DC. Since moving to New York she has performed with Thea Little, AnA Collaborations, and SagaDance Company.
avatar for Meredith Clemons

Meredith Clemons

New York, United States, The Equus Projects
Meredith Clemons is a Brooklyn, NY based performing artist. She earned her BA in dance performance from Muhlenberg College where she was able to perform works by Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, Charlotte Boye-Christensen, and Dorell Martin. Meredith spent a semester studying... Read More →
avatar for Raymond Hinds

Raymond Hinds

New York, United States, The Equus Projects
A graduate of the Ailey Fordham BFA program, after graduation Raymond Hinds spent a year in the Graham Second Company. He began working with The Equus Projects in March and is exciting to be on his first tour with the company.
avatar for Deb Maciel

Deb Maciel

Performer, The Equus Projects
Debbie is a freelance artist born in Miami, FL and based in Brooklyn, NY – dabbling in dance, theatre, choreography, writing, and visual arts. After receiving her BFA in Dance Performance from the University of Florida and Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance, Debbie toured her... Read More →
avatar for Joanna Mendl Shaw

Joanna Mendl Shaw

Artistic Director, The Equuus Projects, The Equus Projects
JoAnna Mendl Shaw has been making works for stage and for rural and urban landscapes since the 1980’s. She is the Artistic Director of The Equus Projects, a dance company known for its site-specific performance works for dancers and horses and for the innovative choreographic structures... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 8:30am - 5:00pm EDT

8:30am EDT

SP11 AMP It and HACK It: Large Events and Angry Crowds Made Easy
There is an increasing trend for AMPlified events – such as national-level summits, public comment meetings, town hall meetings, conferences, and other large-gathering events. Yet, such events can be extremely challenging due to the large numbers of participants, contentious issues, passionate opinions, outsized egos, etc. So how does one AMPlify, plan, and handle such events? By HACKING them creatively. Join an experienced designer/facilitator of AMPed events to:
• Discover examples ofand the breadth of opportunity for large Amped-up events.
• Learn best practices, tools, techniques and tips that work – and some that don't.
• Practice in a role-play mode using these best practices.
• Share your success stories, your horror stories and your best practices, too.

avatar for Bill Olsen

Bill Olsen

Lead Guide, Olsen Innovations
Bill Olsen is a globally ranked professional facilitator, trainer, team builder, and speaker focused on delivering accelerated results through creative thinking and Creative Problem Solving. He has a reputation for delivering dynamic workshops, tangible outcomes and strong consensus... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 8:30am - 5:00pm EDT
Greiner C135

8:30am EDT

SP14 Introduction to LEGO Serious Play Methods and Materials
Are you looking for new tools to help people innovate? This workshop is hard fun and could be just what you need. This is a facilitated thinking and communications technique. It draws on extensive research from the field of business, organization development, psychology and learning. Using hand-brain knowledge, this process helps teams surface information, explore ideas, create better options, develop deeper knowledge and identify solutions faster with 100% engagement. You will both experience the flow of being a client, and also debrief from a facilitator's perspective. The room has two areas, the play table for experience, and the theory area for facilitation debrief. You will:
• Add LEGO bricks and directives to your workshops to improve engagement.
• Apply a five-step processes to improve communication.
• Identify when LEGO Serious Play can be most useful.
• Supplement your creative program.
• Avoid conversational roundabouts.
• Use flow theory and underlying neuroscience principles that make this so powerful and memorable.
• Facilitate and explore ideas on a deeper level using this fun tool.
Space is limited; this day counts toward full certification in LEGO Serious Play.

avatar for Jacqueline Lloyd Smith

Jacqueline Lloyd Smith

British Columbia, Canada, Strategic Play
Jacqueline Lloyd Smith worked as a licensed partner with the LEGO Group in Denmark, where she was trained, and then became a trainer for the company in the method of LEGO Serious Play. In 2007, she received the LEGO Serious Play methods Business Growth Award from the Play for Business... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 8:30am - 5:00pm EDT
Greiner B118

8:30am EDT

SP16 Innovate with Stories
Mission Impossible music plays as a man, wearing a trench coat with an upturned collar and low-brimmed Fedora hat, slinks into the team retreat and leaves a briefcase at the front of the conference room. A few minutes later, the Project Leader walks into the room and, after some furtive glances to the right and left, carefully opens the brief case. A tape recording begins: "Good Morning, Mr. Leader. We face a serious situation, which requires the Mission Impossible Innovation Team." Stories add interest and intrigue to innovation, Creative Problem Solving, and strategic planning sessions. This session is designed to help business leaders and consultants in innovation and change management incorporate stories, storytelling and story listening into their work as agents of change. It will provide practical tools and techniques to enable the use of stories in the CPS process. You will use story-based activities to:
• Deepen insights and build empathy.
• Help a team develop a shared vision.
• Spark the flow of ideas during ideation.
• Frame strategies in story structures.
• Pitch winning ideas.


Mimi Sherlock

New Jersey, United States, IFF
Mimi Sherlock is founder and president of Sherlock Creative Thinking, based in Allenhurst, New Jersey. She has more than 23 years of experience in the consumer product space, both from the supplier side and finished goods perspective. Sherlock has formal training in sensory and consumer... Read More →
avatar for Jean Storlie

Jean Storlie

Minnesota, United States, Storlietelling LLC
Jean Storlie designs and facilitates processes to help business teams collaborate in solving strategic, technical, health, innovation, and communication challenges. Story-based exercises are infused into Creative Problem Solving to deepen insights, create empathy, spark the flow of... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 8:30am - 5:00pm EDT
Mildred Blake Center