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Thursday, June 15

8:30am EDT

EXT0103 Hungry for Innovation? Explore Our 5-course Menu
Amplify your understanding for innovation and learn how to address the most important components of what makes up innovation. Based on research we conducted in collaboration with Bloomberg Businessweek , we developed an online instrument, The Innovation Assessor. The Assessor is used as a diagnostic tool to help companies move up the ladder of their innovation potential. In a playful, interactive way, you will:
• Discover five key dimensions of innovation and how to mind the gaps.
• Explore the results of several companies.
• Walk away with tools you can use in your organization.
• Learn how this instrument addresses the three basic elements of Creative Problem Solving – people, place and process, plus one more that makes an idea viable, the business model the idea serves or destroys.

avatar for Harry Vardis

Harry Vardis

Georgia, United States, Kennesaw State University
Harry Vardis is director of the Center for Business Innovation at the Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University. He is a professional facilitator, trainer and consultant in the field of innovation and creative thinking. He is a lifetime member and a trainer at the Creative... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 8:30am - 10:00am EDT
Greiner LG2
  Main Track, Business

8:30am EDT

EXT0104 Correlation Between Culture and Creativity
Our culture makes us who we are – how we see the world, make judgments, think and make decisions. Explore the connection between culture (personal and organizational) and creativity in our organizations and communities. You will:
• Understand the foundation of culture and cultural patterns, and their impact on our behavior.
• Learn how to address cultural difference in the workplace, while fostering an environment of inclusion, innovation and creativity.
• Share and discuss ways to accept and adapt to different cultural patterns to accomplish common goals.

avatar for Priya Klocek

Priya Klocek

CEO, Consultant On The Go
Priya Dhingra Klocek is a business consultant, executive coach, mentor, and facilitator. Her mission is to help organizations manage and develop their most-important assets: People. Her consulting practice, Consultant On The Go, focuses on diagnosing and improving the fundamental... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 8:30am - 10:00am EDT
Greiner LG3
  Main Track, Business

8:30am EDT

IMM01 Building and Sustaining Innovation Cultures
Desire is not enough. Training is not enough. Rewards are not enough. If we want to see creative thinking, collaboration and problem solving thrive in our organizations, we must intentionally build the structures, policies and systems to make that happen year after year. This is the new desire based mantra of organizations of every type. In business, government, education and human services, it’s widely agreed that innovation culture is the differentiator that will make any organization thrive into the future. There are proven must-do strategic actions, which will deliver you to your aspiration and keep you there over time. There are equally proven pitfalls and counter-intuitive moves. We’ll explore both and then develop clear plans of action to get you to an innovation culture that lasts and thrives in your competitive niche. In this course you will:

• Understand the 12 key interdependent strategies for developing sustained innovation culture.
• Assess the strengths and weaknesses in your current cultural efforts aimed at creative thinking, collaboration, engagement and innovation.
• Plan the correct next moves that will allow you to leave a lasting legacy of improved creative collaboration in your organization.

avatar for Bob Eckert

Bob Eckert

CEO, New & Improved
Bob Eckert is CEO at New & Improved. His focus is on helping organizations harness and develop the innovative brain power of their people to deliver new and improved results. A sought-after trainer and speaker, Eckert uses his organizational design experience to make change efforts... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 8:30am - Saturday June 17, 2017 3:00pm EDT
Fargo Entertainment Lounge 261
  Main Track, Business

1:30pm EDT

EXT0303 Get that Ovation in Innovation: Celebrating Breakthroughs for Humanity
Innovation is a buzz word that has traversed climes with a somewhat generational excitement. However, most times it lacks comprehensiveness in its composition and meaning. Every innovation has an ovation, which means an enthusiastic applause of approval. In creativity terms, it represents an opportunity for applause by humanity and to spur uncommon development in all spheres. There is also a relationship in meaning and application. Any wonder Ralph Waldo Emerson says that each man is a hero and an oracle, just as Nathaniel Hawthorne believes that every individual has a place to fill in the world? Literature is replete with feats that represent a new genre of innovation perspective to be described as ovation. You will:
• Learn about leaders who are examples of ovation in innovation.
• Discover ovation creativity techniques and models, such as Constructive Controversy; leadership be-attitudes; Fall, Fail & Rise (FFR); Exploration-Exploitation ambidexterity, and creative flexibility.
• Appreciate exercises that will ignite and reawaken your ovation instinct.

avatar for Abel Ochigbo

Abel Ochigbo

Nigeria, National Assembly
Abel Ochigbo has been a CPSI participant since 2006 and a CPSI Extending leader since 2014. Ochigbo has served within the private and public sectors in Nigeria, including as general manager in the subsidiary of a Quoted company, Jos International Breweries, and currently as deputy... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 1:30pm - 3:00pm EDT
Greiner LG3
  Main Track, Business
Friday, June 16

1:30pm EDT

EXT0702 BrandCrafting – What Does Your Consumer’s Brand Stand for?
BrandCrafting is a simple tool for agencies and clients to collaboratively plan their brand communication, humanize it, and find a sticky message. Ever wondered why, despite all your efforts, sales remain flat? Perhaps it is not your brand, it’s the message or how consumers perceive you. As businesses enter the creative era, innovative thinking and strategy are not enough because consumers are constantly changing – what worked then may not work now. You wil learn to:
• Build your future by understanding how consumers perceive your brand.
• Develop your skills in discovering what you don’t know yet – by understanding needs and finding the human value in your brand’s offering.
• Stretch your thinking to help you define your marketing message and ideas.
• Familiarize yourself with communication/account planning and get the clarity needed to collaboratively develop the best creativity with your advertising agency.
This workshop is targeted to marketers, brand managers, researchers and advertisers.

avatar for Alexandra Suarez

Alexandra Suarez

Puerto Rico, United States, Lateral Strategy
Alexandra Suarez graduated from Cornell University and pursued an MBA in consumer behavior from ESADE Barcelona. She lived in New York, Spain, and South Africa and traveled to more than 40 countries before moving back to Puerto Rico to work in consumer research, strategic planning... Read More →

Friday June 16, 2017 1:30pm - 3:30pm EDT
Greiner B120
  Main Track, Business
Saturday, June 17

10:30am EDT

EXT0903 Create a Workflow Process that Amplifies Accountability
An organization is the sum of its parts. Let us help you put all the pieces together, understanding how one person's decision impacts other individuals and the organization as a whole. Extra effort upfront means improved workplace relationships. Learn how to design workflow processes that are attainable so that employees do not need to create work-arounds. Fewer work-arounds means higher productivity. This provides the right tools to perform your responsibilities in the best possible way. Right tools means higher productivity. Our workplace is our community. Instead of asking yourself whom are you including in the process, ask yourself whom you are excluding. You will:
• Learn new practices to ensure your workspace is not excluding any employees.
• Practice relevant and effective communication.
• Learn positive intercultural practices and set realistic workflow processes.

avatar for Dawna Atamanchuk

Dawna Atamanchuk

Manitoba, Canada, Benefits and Beyond
Dawna Atamanchuk has been working in the field of learning and performance since 2003. She has the ability to conceptualize the needs of the organization, identify the learning gaps, and bring the right partners and tools to the table to design their plan. Those who know Dawna will... Read More →

Saturday June 17, 2017 10:30am - 12:00pm EDT
Greiner LG4
  Main Track, Business

1:30pm EDT

EXT1003 Creativity for Professionals Who Have No Time: Rethinking Creativity
Let’s admit it. You are not able to feel creative because you have no time. During your work routine, it is hard to make time to daydream, be flexible, and ask questions when your supervisor wants some answers immediately. How do you manage that pressure and integrate creativity in a sector that is under-appreciating true innovation culture? Unfortunately, until a new look is taken, the current 87% of professionals worldwide who are feeling stuck and lack a creative outlet will remain that way. But there is a solution. It’s rethinking creativity. You will:
• Experience how to integrate creative thinking as a practical, tangible and life-skill set.
• Integrate creativity into habit building
• Learn how to articulate creativity in a professional setting and help others understand the value of creativity at work.
For the second half, we will learn how to articulate and share these values as an educator, facilitator, leader in an organization, or an employee.

avatar for Monica Kang

Monica Kang

Founder & CEO, InnovatorsBox
Monica Kang is a creative educator and a passionate community builder. She founded InnovatorsBox to demystify society’s perception about creativity and has traveled to show how one can learn creativity regardless of what workplace or title you have. Since launching, InnovatorsBox... Read More →

Saturday June 17, 2017 1:30pm - 3:00pm EDT
Greiner B120
  Main Track, Business

1:30pm EDT

EXT1004 Disrupt CPSI/Creativity
Occasionally a presentation or event inspires you and makes you see things differently. Develop and perform an impactful visual presentation that is meant to inspire, inform and empower others. The Disrupt format is a series of short-focused presentations made by session participants who want to share their ideas and interact with an audience. Presentations are limited to five minutes with 20 moving slides on a creative idea that the presenter will prepare and present. The slides change every 15 seconds. The presenter(s) focuses on one topic in this short time frame. The audience is encouraged to interact during the presentation by clapping, laughing and providing positive comments. You will see cutting-edge presentations as examples, followed by an interactive and enjoyable way to develop presentation material. You will:
• Learn how to create impactful presentations using the Disrupt format.
• Develop and present a visual presentation, then interact with the audience.
• Reflect on presentations with new perspectives and insights.


Kimberly Hawkins

Human Resources Technology Consultant
Kimberly Hawkins is a human resources technology consultant. She considers herself a workplace anthropologist, using creativity to help solve technology problems in the workplace. She received her master’s in human resources from Cornell University and her bachelor’s in sociology... Read More →
avatar for Bernie Murray

Bernie Murray

Associate Professor, Ryerson University
Bernie Murray is an associate professor in communication and design at Ryerson University. Currently, she is completing her doctoral degree in curriculum studies and teacher development from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Her research... Read More →

Saturday June 17, 2017 1:30pm - 3:00pm EDT
Greiner B116
  Main Track, Business