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Thursday, June 15

7:30pm EDT

BK102 Workout for Creative Thinkers
In this creativity workout, we will feed, exercise, and amplify our creative talent. We will explore what tickles our imagination, kick-start it, and make things happen! The workout consists of a series of exercises designed to enhance your ability to think creatively and make you a stronger creative thinker. We will practice, have fun, and engage in some serious thinking and some wacky activities that can be applied in very diverse settings – from work with children, creativity facilitation, education, or as a warm-up in the boardroom. The exercises are built on universal creativity principles. We will be working with connection making – the underlying mechanism of creative thinking, inspiration, observation, and divergent thinking activities. This is a refreshing and energizing workout with activities that amplify innate talent and foster creativity. You will:
• Stimulate your innate talent.
• Explore a fresh mix of creativity exercises and tools.
• Dive into connection-making activities and have fun as a creative thinker.

avatar for Dorte Nielsen

Dorte Nielsen

Denmark, Creative Thinker
Underviser og forsker i kreativitet, har udgivet ni bøger om kreativ tænkning - bl.a.  ’Den Kreatives Tænkers Hemmelighed’. Dorte er uddannet fra Den Grafiske Højskole, The School of Communication Arts i London, og The International Center for Studies in Creativity, NewYork... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 7:30pm - 9:00pm EDT
Greiner B118

7:30pm EDT

BK112 Self-Compassion, Co-Creativity, and the Power of Choice: Lessons Learned in the Space Between
Come on a journey out of the darkness and into the light, as I share my story of coming to terms with physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Using my TEDxWomenBuffalo talk, "From Fear to Forgiveness to Forward," as a framework, I will guide us through the process of stepping out of victimhood and into the land of self-compassion, co-creativity and choice. Our capacity for choice lies in the space between emotion and action. You will collectively explore what lies in the space between, and how to tap into what is available there as we ask ourselves, "In this moment, what best serves my life and the lives of those around me?" You will:
• Recognize the amazing co-creative potential of the human spirit, a potential that lies in our capacity to be at choice in each moment of our lives.
• Learn to inhabit “the space between,” a place to access our capacity for choice.
• Experience the power of self-compassion to heal shame and to give the strength to make life-affirming choices, even in the face of our own vulnerability.

avatar for Gina Paigen

Gina Paigen

Chief Impact Officer, ThirdWay Leadership
Gina Paigen, chief impact officer of ThirdWay Leadership, is a professional coach, leadership consultant, and culture-building specialist. She is passionate about guiding individuals and organizations to a deeper sense of purpose, and to higher levels of creativity, engagement, and... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 7:30pm - 9:00pm EDT
Mildred Blake Center
Saturday, June 17

3:30pm EDT

BK202 Biodanza: Moving beyond Words through Music and Movement
“B” means to dance with life. Developed by a medical doctor, it reduces stress by combining music, movement and the expression of emotion in a progressive way to bring out individual and group expression and integrate all aspects of our humanity, including our passion, sense of vitality, and creativity. “B” uses music that is carefully selected for its rhythmic qualities to release the power of expression we all hold deep within us. It allows us to AMPLIFY and explore our potential and the principle of putting life first to promote health and a sense of well-being, as well as connect us to ourselves and others. “B” addresses the totality of the human being. It amplifies our entire perception of who we are. The exercises wake up our aliveness, and this allows us to really feel the intensity of each moment. Suspend your thinking for a while and immerse yourself in the joy and power of music and movement in a structured, guided process. No previous dance experience is necessary, as this does not involve specific steps. Self-regulation is key, meaning you move according to your own fitness and flexibility. You will:
• Amplify your sense of feeling alive and joyful.
• Increase your capacity for emotional expression without words.
• Enhance what lies within you and bring that into the world with more confidence.

avatar for Marlies Grindlay

Marlies Grindlay

South Africa, IFF
As a foodie, and sensory and consumer insights specialist, Marlies Grindlay gets to use her senses to guide the application of flavors for the FMCG industry, while seeking to understand consumers across the Sub-Saharan Africa region. She focuses on using the whole body, senses, and... Read More →

Saturday June 17, 2017 3:30pm - 5:00pm EDT

3:30pm EDT

BK210 Dissolve the Wall: Using Your Creativity to Design a New Future
Imagine that you are standing in front of a wall that spans left to right farther than you can see. You see, the wall wasn't there yesterday. At least you didn't notice it. Now, it’s all you can see. You are stuck. There is a solution to dissolving this wall – your creativity and a compelling vision for your future. The difference between the winners and the "also ran" are the visions and powerful images they create about their future. This is true in athletics and it is even more important in life. Whether you are 16 or 60, having a compelling vision for your future is absolutely vital for success and health. Research on aging has found that those individuals who have a higher sense of purpose live healthier and longer lives. Learn how to take the long view for your future to move beyond the day-to-day tactics that may keep you in the past. You will:
• Leave this session with a vision of your future.
• Articulate specific actions you can take to propel you toward that future.
• Practice living out your new future using specific imagery techniques you can take home with you.
• Take creative action on a goal, challenge, problem or opportunity in your life.

avatar for Roger Firestien

Roger Firestien

New York, United States, ICSC SUNY Buffalo State
Roger Firestien is the senior faculty member at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State. Firestien is one of the most-experienced, skilled and knowledgeable facilitators of the Creative Problem Solving process. He has been called the gold standard... Read More →

Saturday June 17, 2017 3:30pm - 5:00pm EDT
Greiner LG4

3:30pm EDT

Saturday June 17, 2017 3:30pm - 5:00pm EDT
Greiner C135
Sunday, June 18

8:30am EDT

BK305 Play It Forward: Inspiration to ACTION
Only a few magical hours of CPSI remain. What message is coming through for you? What possibilities are emerging? What's your next move? How can you take what you've experienced here and amplify your impact? Let's play about it!! Join this fast-paced workshop for a series of games and activities derived from improv theater to determine your next steps. You came here for a reason. Now let's make the most out of this experience for you, for CPSI, and for the world! You will:
• Reconnect with your intention for attending CPSI.
• Create a new personalized tool for accessing clarity and power.
• Clarify and commit to your next action steps.

avatar for Erica Marx

Erica Marx

Confidence Coach, Inspiration to Action
Erica Marx is a confidence coach and communication skills trainer who works with creative people who are on a mission to make a big impact in the world. She is a New York State-certified conflict mediator with 15 years experience transforming conflicts into opportunities for connection... Read More →

Sunday June 18, 2017 8:30am - 10:00am EDT
Greiner B116

8:30am EDT

BK312 Seven Secrets of the Lost Art of Appreciation
The psychologist and philosopher William James (1842-1910) said: “The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.” Since the time of that quote, many wise men and women have added that an essential part of living is to appreciate what life is all about. And in our world of creativity, appreciation of the wonder of it all is critical. In this experiential and interactive workshop, we will share fresh and exciting ways to appreciate ourselves, our families, friends, colleagues and clients. We will increase and truly amplify our creative sensitivities by exploring ways to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of this essential part of our human nature, appreciation. Our time together will be an “Ahhhh” experience, guaranteed to touch your soul and put a smile on your face with the goal of getting to IT, the true appreciation of what life is all about. You will:
• Explore and discover exciting ways of appreciating our natural and human environment.
• Recognize the obstacles that get in the way of our appreciation of all that surrounds us.
• Learn practical ways of overcoming those obstacles.

avatar for Steven Shama

Steven Shama

Massachusetts, United States, JoyWorks Communications
Steven Shama is a retired physician and a professional speaker. For more than 20 years, he has been giving keynotes and facilitating workshops internationally and nationwide on rediscovering the joys of life. While his primary audiences have been in the medical profession, his talks... Read More →

Sunday June 18, 2017 8:30am - 10:00am EDT
Porter Study Lounge